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Alumni Benefits and Travel


Membership has its privileges

When you graduate from Salem State, you automatically become a member of the Salem State University Alumni Association. There are no dues to pay or forms to complete.

But wait there's more...

And so much more!

  • VSP Individual Vision Plans


    Individual Vision Plans
  • legal Shield


    Affordable Legal & Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration Benefits
  • College rings from Jostens

    College Ring

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Expand Your Network

  • Alumni Career Services

    Alumni Career Services

    We are dedicated to assisting our alumni population in the process to secure a new position, find employees or even apply to graduate school.  

    Salem State offers a plethora of services to the alumni population free of charge. Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. Services alumni are eligible to participate in include, but are not limited to: career counseling, workshops, resume and cover letter critiques, mock interviews, career fairs and the career services resource center. 

    Welcome and happy hunting! 

    Steps to becoming a perfect applicant

    Career services is here to support you in securing your dream job. We've designed a checklist of required items for applicants to adequately prepare for interviews. This process gives applicants improvement at every step of the application process. To get the GoPro process started please contact careers services at or 978.542.6406.

    Job Search

    Job seekers my also hop right into the job search by looking through career services job listing via the alumni login. Job seekers may use advanced searches to seek employment based on field and education categories. 

    Interview Prep

    In order to prepare for the interview of a lifetime, please go to the alumni login to participate in video interviews. You will have one to two minutes to respond to each prompt. Following the completion of the interview, it will automatically be submitted to career services for review. Career services will provide feedback as soon as the review is completed. 

    Employer/Employee Opportunities

    Employee and employer seekers may log in to our CSO listed on the alumni career services homepage and on the left-hand side under additional resources.

    Employers seeking employees may contact Employer Relations at 978.542.6406.

    Career Services Office

    We offer comprehensive career planning support to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni by:

    • Helping them gain skills they can use throughout their lifetime
    • Empowering them to proactively manage their career


    • Assist students and alumni conduct a thorough self-assessment (clarifying values, interests, skills, and personality preferences)
    • Provide access to occupational, job search, labor market, and graduate school information
    • Teach job search skills and strategies to enable students and alumni to conduct successful targeted job searches
    • Collaborate with employers to cultivate strong relationships that result in challenging employment opportunities for our students and alumni, and that satisfy employer needs
    • Encourage employers to engage with us by participating in career services events, informal class presentations and company project assignments for our students 

    Walk-in hours

    Spring walk-in hours will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am – 12 pm and Thursdays from 2–4 pm.

    Graduate School

    With many alumni seeking a promotion or a shift in careers, alumni career services assists alumni in the search for graduate schools and the application process. Is graduate school for you? Before your graduate search, we highly encourage you to explore the following links:

    Salem State Graduate School


    MERC is an annual event for individuals in the field of education. In order to attend MERC, alumni are required to complete an orientation package where they participate in five to six orientations. Fees to attend are subject the discretion of MERC and vary.  

    Learn more about MERC

    Mass Rehab

    Mass Rehab referrals are available for individuals with disabilities and mental illness who are seeking employment


    One hour block appointments can be made to discuss your needs. The first visit includes an observation to increase service proficiency. 

    Career Fairs

    Please join us in our annual March Career Fair. Over one hundred companies are anticipated to participate in the event. 

    Internship seekers

    For those seeking internships, career services is here for you.  

    If you have any questions, please contact career services at 978.542.6406 or

    Visit Us

    Monday through Friday: 8:30 am–5 pm
    Call 978.542.6406 to schedule an appointment.


  • PCI Directory

    The Salem State University Alumni Association has partnered with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to produce an alumni directory. If you ordered a directory and have any questions, call PCI customer service at 1.800.982.1590 or the alumni association at 978.542.7530.


More Alumni Benefits

  • Use of the Salem State Library
  • 20 percent discount at the Salem State bookstore during any major alumni program
  • Subscription to the Salem State magazine, Salem Statement
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