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No Place so Close Can Take You So Far

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No Place So Close Can Take You So Far!

Salem State University is a wonderful place to earn your degree, but it can also be a great first step toward your goals. Now more than ever, students are hesitant about attending a university far from home, not to mention potentially spending thousands of dollars on online education at high cost institutions. 

Whether you have decided on your major, or you are still exploring, why not take your general education requirements at Salem State University? Almost all colleges require foundational courses no matter what your major. These courses are usually quite standard and easily transferrable.

Know Before You Register

Colleges and Universities across the country typically require some version of English Composition, Math, Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Diversity coursework. Verify in advance how courses might transfer and apply to degree requirements. 


The Mass Transfer General Education Foundation is a set of 34 credits that is accepted at Massachusetts community colleges, state universities and University of Massachusetts campuses. Complete the Mass Transfer General Education Foundation at Salem State, and take advantage of this general education exemption state policy!

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