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Graduate Admissions References

References are an important supplement to your academic background, so carefully manage your references. Salem State accepts professional (supervisors, etc.) or academic (professors, etc.) references; family/friends are not appropriate sources of references.

Managing your references

  • Give your references adequate time to complete their reference, especially if your program has a firm deadline or you are applying within a few weeks of a semester beginning.
  • As soon as you have confirmed someone can serve as a reference, enter their name and correct email address into your online application. This immediately triggers the request email to your reference, where they receive instructions on how to submit the reference online. If you enter an incorrect email address, email so we can fix the address.
  • Enter the reference information into your online application first, so they can work on the reference while you are filling out the other sections of the online application.
  • School-related email addresses especially K-12 should not be used for reference communication given the firewalls at educational institutions.

  • You can submit your application even if your references have not yet been submitted.
  • If time lapses and your reference has not completed the online reference, send a reminder email by logging into your online application and clicking the "nudge" button next to the name. 
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