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Writing Intensive Curriculum Program


Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) program

The Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) program supports, promotes, and encourages the teaching of writing across the disciplines at Salem State University. The program was designed to foster and nurture a university culture that values writing and the teaching of writing, and to provide faculty with the support and resources needed to do so.
The WIC program offers:

  • The Course Embedded Tutor Program: a program that pairs an experienced writing center tutor with a faculty member teaching a W-designated (writing intensive) course
  • The WIC Seminar Program: a two-day intensive workshop for faculty across the disciplines on the teaching of writing
  • Newsletter: a weekly teaching writing tips email
  • Resources: assignments, activities, and suggestions for integrating and teaching writing in W-II, W-III, and other courses across the disciplines
  • Individual and departmental consultations with the WIC Coordinator

For more information about the WIC program and to access resources, please visit the WIC Canvas site or email WIC Coordinator, Tanya Rodrigue at 

On-Campus Writing Resources

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