Rick Moylan '12, History (pre-legal/business focus) and Economics; enrolled in Salem State's ROTC program

Rick Moylan

“My experience at Salem State has been both rewarding and challenging; challenging because I'm juggling six classes, two jobs and am enrolled in the ROTC program; rewarding in that with all the challenges faced, I'm currently holding a 3.53 GPA.

Salem State has provided me with a solid education. I've always been extremely interested in history. With a city like Salem and its history, I thought it was a perfect fit.

My best experience at Salem State has been meeting students and professors and engaging in debates. Though I may not agree with them I am overjoyed to engage in discussions as it allows me to hear other points as view, as well as allows me to question my own point of view.

I served for four years in the United States military, where I earned awards and promotions. I was deployed to Iraq from October 2006 to late November 2007. The experiences and lessons I learned through my military experience have directly led to my success in school. The military has taught me about time management, dealing with stress and leadership skills that have helped me take control of my studies, rather than succumb to the pressures that may deviate other students into poor study habits.”