Careers in Sociology

What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

  • Social Services - in rehabilitation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, recreation or administration
  • Community work - In fundraising for social service organizations, nonprofits, childcare or community development agencies, or environmental groups
  • Corrections - In probation, parole, or other criminal justice work
  • Business - In advertising, marketing and consumer research, insurance, real estate, personnel work, training, or sales
  • College settings - In admissions, alumni relations, or placement offices
  • Health services - In family planning, substance abuse, rehabilitation, counseling, health planning, hospital admissions, and insurance companies
  • Publishing, journalism, and public relations - In writing, research, and editing
  • Government services - In federal, state, and local government jobs in such areas as transportation, housing, agriculture, and labor
  • Teaching - In elementary and secondary schools, in conjunction with appropriate teacher certification

Fun Facts - People that received a degree in Sociology


  • Wellington Webb, mayor of Denver
  • Brett Schundler, mayor of Jersey City
  • Annette Strauss, former mayor of Dallas
  • Rev. Martin Luther King
  • Roy Wilkins, former head of NAACP
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Rev. Ralph Abernathy
  • Shirley Chisholm, former Congresswoman from NY
  • Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from LA
  • Barbara Mikulski, US Senator from Maryland
  • Tim Holden, Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Cardinal Theordore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, DC
  • Saul Alinsky, father of community organizing
  • Saul Bellow, novelist
  • Ronald Reagan (double major in sociology and economics)
  • Emily Balch, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize winner (a social worker and social reformer)
  • Francis Perkins, social reformer and former Secretary of Labor
  • Richard Barajas, Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court
  • Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama


  • Saul Bellow, novelist
  • Regis Philbin, no-talent TV host
  • Dan Aykroyd, actor/Blues Brother
  • Robin Williams, actor/comedian
  • Paul Shaffer, bandleader on David Letterman Show (and before that, Saturday Night Live)
  • Dinah Shore, singer
  • Ruth Westheimer, the "sex doctor"


  • Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat
  • Bryant Stith, Boston Celtics
  • Brian Jordan, Atlanta Braves
  • Joe Theisman, NFL quarterback
  • Eric Bjornson, Dallas Cowboys
  • Bobby Taylor, Eagles cornerback
  • Ahmad Rashad, Sportscaster