First-Year Writing Program

The First-Year Writing Program offers courses through which students comprehensively develop their writing. In these classes, students learn techniques of the writing process, from the earliest moments of invention to later phases such as editing and proofreading. Practicing a range of methods, students develop strategies to increase their verbal fluency and write for audience, including self as audience. Students study genre, develop rhetorical awareness, and learn the conventions of academic discourse essential for writing success in the academic community and the workplace.

Resources for Students

  • Required Courses and Exemption Policies

  • The Writing Center

  • Writing Self-Placement: Incoming first-year students participate in Writing Self-Placement, a process that allows students to make their own decisions about which writing courses they will take in their first year at the university. Students select between ENL 105, ENL 108, ENL 109, and ENL 110. To make this decision, students review materials provided on Canvas, complete a questionnaire, and complete a writing sample. The student’s writing sample is evaluated by trained faculty readers but is only used to inform writing instructors about students who have potentially misplaced themselves. Instructors are encouraged to advise potentially misplaced students during the first week of the semester. Writing Self-Placement should be completed before on-campus orientation.

Tools & Resources