Study Abroad

The department strongly encourages all students - majors, minors and language students - to consider study abroad. The opportunity to live and study in a foreign country provides students with an invaluable cultural experience and is the best and fastest way to improve your language skills. Even a short-term one-month program can really change your life and your ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Study abroad at Salem State University is coordinated through the Center for International Education. The Center for International Education's study abroad office, students can find other programs to study abroad for a summer, semester, or a full year in many different countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Extra financial aid is available for students to cover the costs of tuition, travel, room and board while studying abroad.

In collaboration with the Center for International Education, the department of Foreign Languages offers short-term summer study abroad options in Canada, Costa Rica (not in 2013), France, Italy, and Spain. All programs were selected to give students the best immersion experience with the least expensive costs:

For more information on Study Abroad, you may contact the Center for International Education.