BA and BS in Psychology

When you are admitted to the psychology major at Salem State University you must choose between two paths. One leads to the bachelor of arts (BA) and the other to the bachelor of science (BS) degree.

Both paths are designed to expose you to a broad sample of the many sub-fields of psychology, to provide opportunities to explore specific areas in greater depth, to engage you in a senior experience that integrates different facets of psychology, to provide you with a solid grounding in the methods of scientific psychological inquiry as well as opportunities to carry out research of your own, and to expose you to courses in other departments that will enhance your psychological studies and contribute breadth to your education.

The difference between the BA and the BS is in some specific requirements and options, as summarized below.

35 credits in psychology 41 credits in psychology
Requires a minor Minor is optional
Requires a foreign language Foreign language is optional
  Requires two additional science/math electives