Minor in Philosophy

The philosophy department offers courses for students in career-oriented programs, for liberal studies majors, and for philosophy minors. National surveys reveal that philosophy students get among the highest scores of all students on exams such as the GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT. The study of philosophy is excellent preparation for many careers, including law, medicine, government, business, and academia. Fifteen (15) credits are required for the minor.

Fifteen (15) credit hours in philosophy (5 classes) required.
Philosophy minors are required to take the following two courses:

  • PHL 240N History of Western Philosophy I: Antiquity & the Middle Ages 
  • PHL 260N History of Western Philosophy II: The Modern Era

One course from the following list:

  • PHL 203 Business Ethics 
  • PHL 209 Social Ethics 
  • PHL 218 Medical Ethics 
  • PHL 224 Environmental Ethics
  • PHL 305A Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHL 307 Ethics
  • PHL 350H Topics in Ethics

And two additional courses, chosen from the following list:

  • PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy 
  • PHL 125: Critical Reasoning
  • PHL 303 Philosophy of Religion 
  • PHL 304 Existentialism 
  • PHL 308N Philosophy of Art
  • PHL 309A Alternatives to Violence 
  • PHL 310N Philosophy and Religion of the Eastern World 
  • PHL 312 Philosophy of Love and Sex
  • PHL 313 Philosophy of Mind 
  • PHL 314 Philosophy of Science 
  • PHL 315 Reality and Knowledge
  • PHL 316: American Pragmatism
  • PHL 320 Philosophical Perspectives on Women 
  • PHL 326: Symbolic Logic II: Predicate Logic
  • PHL 450: Special Topics
  • PHL 500 Tutorial, Readings and Research in Philosophy
  • PHL 600H Honors Seminar: Philosophy

Please see the online catalog for further details.