Our department offers a BA in philosophy, a minor in philosophy, and an interdisciplinary studies, liberal studies major in applied ethics and philosophy of art and culture.

Students who minor in philosophy use philosophical methods to analyze complex topics related to all areas of human existence and explore different points of view on these topics. In so doing, philosophy minors develop valuable employment skills in research, reading, writing, and critical reasoning and argumentation. A good philosopher has the ability to examine a difficult question from many angles and then develop a reasonable answer that he or she can defend and communicate clearly, and this is an important trait for managers and other professionals in today's "knowledge economy." For more information on our minor, see the check-list of required courses on our programs page.

Students who enroll in the interdisciplinary program with a concentration in applied ethics and philosophy of art and culture are expected to take a variety of courses in several disciplines ranging from art, English, history, interdisciplinary studies, theatre, sociology, and psychology to education, social work, and business. The program prepares students to join professions such as law, medicine, social work, psychology, and others as well as to enter graduate school. Applied ethics has five focus options: business ethics, environmental ethics, medical ethics, legal ethics, and social ethics. Students should choose one focus option and follow the requirements. These two concentrations will help students grasp representative ethical and aesthetic issues and ways of dealing with them, further their personal development, apply philosophical methods to intellectual problems, and see how ethical and aesthetic inquiry relate to other disciplines and human life more generally. The concentrations provide the foundation and unified vision for disciplines such as law, politics, humanities, and social science. For more information on the interdisciplinary studies major, go to our programs page.