About the Department

Political Science Faculty

The political science department provides to our students a rich and diverse curriculum with several concentrations, a first-rate faculty, and numerous opportunities for students to study abroad, participate in internships both locally and in Washington, D.C., and to conduct independent research.

We in political science are continuously adapting to new developments and challenges in our country and in the world. We offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs and concentrations in American, Comparative and International Politics to meet today's career needs. We are increasingly incorporating new technology elements into our teaching, and are in the process of expanding our curriculum to include a greater coverage of racial and cultural diversity issues, women's issues, environmental issues, globalization, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and Africa. Our faculty is strongly committed to producing an educational program that will allow our students to better understand and participate in the life of their communities and to be better informed and more active citizens The department works to prepare students to be well-equipped for a wide range of career opportunities in the private and public sectors of society in a more integrated and rapidly changing world.

The William H. Bates Center for Public Affairs

The Bates Center for Public Affairs at Salem State University, established in 1969 in memory of the late Congressman William H. Bates, is integrally associated with the political science department. In pursuit of its goal to foster academic excellence in the fields of government and politics, the Bates Center sponsors a range of activities including lectures and forums, field trips, internships, and other public activities. Please contact the chairperson of the political science department if you are interested in the activities of the Bates Center.