About the Department

Face with Many Eyes

The art + design major program is a liberal arts curriculum structured to give the student an in-depth experience in the visual arts with an emphasis on studio production. It encourages students to develop creativity through discovery along with ability to observe and analyze. Throughout their curriculum students: expand their ability to use verbal, written and visual language effectively; to develop methodologies; to think logically and solve problems practically; to feel comfortable with new technologies and understand their impact on modern society. In addition, students learn to examine issues in an historical context and develop the ability to make ethical judgments. They develop an appreciation for the social, cultural, ethnic, and environmental complexity of the world. They also recognize the plurality within and among cultures, and appreciate the richness in diversity of individuals and groups.

Coursework within the art major program reinforces these liberal arts goals and makes students aware of how the visual arts fit into, shape and critique the larger society. Students develop the ability to express their creative ideas through visual means. Emphasis is on focusing the content of their art: expressions of their individual experiences and critiques of their society as well as issues of importance around the globe. In addition students engage in studies that balance the use of traditional artists' tools with today's technology, incorporating high-end equipment and the latest, most sophisticated software.

The Salem State art + design department provides a strong foundation in art, which can serve as the basis for graduate studies in art or for preparation in various creative or professional art fields.

The art + design department at Salem State has been accredited by NASAD since 1986.

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