Exercise Science

Two students taking blood pressure

What does the new Exercise Science Concentration mean for me?


Exercise Science might be right for you if:

  • You have a passion for exercise or sport training.
  • You want to develop and implement individualized training programs.
  • Work as a health and fitness professional in the following settings:
    • University fitness center
    • Corporate facility
    • Commercial facility
    • Hospital rehabilitation
    • Community center
  • You expect to pursue an advanced degree in exercise science or exercise physiology.
  • You might be interested in the allied health fields like:
    • Physical therapy
    • Medicine
    • Physician assistance
    • Chiropractics

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student:

You must choose a track within exercise science. It is best if you determine a track early in your progression in order to progress effectively through the program. The non-clinical track is designed to prepare students professionally for a career in exercise science upon graduation. This might include personal training or program design in a professional setting. The clinical track includes most of the course work of the non-clinical track, but includes curriculum designed to prepare students for graduate school in the exercise science field or as a gateway into allied health professions that include but are not limited to physical therapy or medicine.