The College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Salem State University. The college is comprised of 20 departments, ranging from art and theatre and speech communication to chemistry and physics, foreign languages, geological sciences, and sport and movement science.

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to be home to the university's core curriculum, the cornerstone of our commitment to offer all students at Salem State a content-rich, intellectually diverse and academically rewarding education. Our faculty and staff believe in the importance of exploring ideas and testing concepts as a way for you to challenge yourself--and learn, grow and question. A liberal arts education is about learning to learn. The College of Arts and Sciences offers you that opportunity.

CAS faculty in history, mathematics and psychology have received major grants funded by national research institutes. As a student in the college, you will have the opportunity to study and work with faculty who are nationally recognized for their expertise in their discipline. The English department, for instance, is home to published authors and editors and to vibrant creative- and professional writing programs, while our sociology and interdisciplinary studies faculty work with students on collaborative research projects. Hands-on experience is an invaluable part of higher education and departments as diverse as biology, economics and political science are among many that offer students practical day-to-day opportunities to apply theory to real-world situations.

The college's commitment to technological innovation can be seen in state-of-the-art facilities that support vibrant and expanding programs in communications, geography and music. Our computer science program offers both theoretical and practical guides to the ever-changing technologies of the world in which we live and our growing philosophy department offers you the opportunity to explore ways in which to incorporate all that you're learning into an ethically cohesive whole.

The College of Arts and Sciences lies at the heart of the Salem State University experience.