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The Center for International Business and Economic Studies (CIBES) is structured to “serve as a resource center for business organizations and the community at large,” to assist the Bertolon School of Business and Salem State in “preparing students for careers in a global economy,” and to provide “an environment sensitive to a diverse population,” as quoted in the missions of both the school and the university. CIBES has a two-fold mission. It develops and promotes international business and economics academic programs and curricula. It also assists small- to mid-sized businesses in the region in exporting their products and services to other countries and/or importing what they need.

The following objectives are being pursued by the center:

  • Respond to the need for internationalization of the business curricula by developing and promoting  international business- and economics-related courses and programs. This action coincides with public mandates reflected in AACSB International, the U.S. Department of Education and the Presidential Council on International Education and Languages recommendations.
  • Act as a resource center for the small- to mid-sized businesses in the North Shore area interested in exporting their products and services to other countries, and/or importing from foreign nations
  • Stimulate awareness of global business and economic activities in the region and at Salem State  by sponsoring seminars, workshops and other related activities
  • Encourage exchange and foreign studies programs for students and faculty in business administration and associated fields in concert with the Center for International Education.
  • Develop a working relationship with local, national and international public and private organizations
  • Encourage relevant research that will enhance consultation with private and public organizations

For additional information, please contact Dr. James (Jian) Gu, professor and executive director. 

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