Northeast Global Education Center

The mission of the Northeast Global Education Center at Salem State is to help educators bring a global perspective to schools within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The center provides programs, projects, workshops, pre-service and in-service training, resources, and consultation to administrators, teachers, librarians, and counselors as a means of promoting competence in international issues, cross-cultural awareness and content strands of the preK to 12 curriculum.


As a member center of the Massachusetts Global Education Consortium, the Northeast Global Education Center at Salem State provides services to the northeast region of the Commonwealth.

Professional development programs, institutes, workshops, and seminar and lecture series

The Northeast Global Education Center offers a variety of programs that grant professional development points to Massachusetts educators. Workshops, lecture series, seminars, and institutes are posted in the consortium newsletter and on the center's web pages, as well as through a membership mailing list.

Educators interested in being included on the mailing list for these events should contact the center's administrative assistant, Mary Jane Anderson.

Newsletter and Web Page

For information on regional communities, center events and issues concerning global education.

Consultation to school-based programs

The Northeast Global Education Center is one of six resource centers of the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance. As an outreach program of the National Geographic Society, the center supports and infuses geographic education in the school curriculum from pre-K through grade 12.

NGEC Spring 2015 Events

Annual Teaching in a Changing World Series and Celebrations
This year’s lecture series promotes world citizenship through reflective professional practice and life skills development for world citizenship.  It is designed for educators, teachers, counselors and administrators, but all interested community members are welcome.

Norman Rockwell‘s Historic America: Moving Forward from Philadelphia
This illustrated lecture will offer an historical view of the past centuries as they influenced social, cultural, and political events in 21st century America. Thomas Daly, the Norman Rockwell Museum Educational Curator, will analyze Norman Rockwell’s historical illustrations of America’s involvement in the world and at home.
Presenter: Thomas Daly, Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA
Location: Saltonstall School Auditorium, Grades 5/6, Salem, MA
Date and Time: Friday, March 20, 2015, at 10:30 am 

A Forum on Leading 19th Century Women Promoters of Educational Equity and Social Change: US and UK Exemplars
To celebrate “March as Women’s Month” the Northeast Global Education Center will present an international panel of speakers on three key women of the 19th century who pioneered Education Equity in Great Britain and the United States, namely Margaret McMillan of the UK, Laura Towne and Elizabeth Peabody of the USA. Each of these women paved the way for professional development of education in their respective countries and promoted social justice for both women and children to insure education equity and civil rights for all world citizens.
Presenters: Dr. Pam Jarvis, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
Dr. Mary-Lou Breitborde, Salem State University Salem, MA
Dr. Louise Swiniarski, Northeast Global Education at Salem State, MA
Location: Sullivan Building, Room 119, Salem State University
Date and Time: Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at 4:30 pm

Developing Caring Classrooms that Foster Global Citizens
This interactive workshop presents strategies for teaching peaceful conflict resolutions in caring classrooms that foster global citizenship.
Presenter:  Linda Connell, 2002 NGEC Global Educator of the Year
Location:  Horace Mann Laboratory School, Room 312
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 4:30 pm

Revisiting SAW:  A New Way of Teaching Science in Today’s World
The founder of SAW, Science, Art and Writing, returns to Salem State University to revisit this now internationally acclaimed approach to teaching science to children from preschool to secondary school.  Dr, Anne Osbourn, founder, and the SAW director, Dr. Jenni Rant, present recent progress and projects developed world wide in successful approaches to science instruction.
Location: Horace Mann Laboratory School, Room 312, Salem State Campus, Loring Ave. Salem, MA
Date and Time: Tuesday, April 28, 2015, at 9:00 am

Building a Global Bookshelf
The Northeast Global Education Center’s Building a Global Shelf Project endorses the United Nations Literacy for All campaign by presenting international children's books that promote cultural sensitivity and appreciation of the world’s literature to elementary school children. For the 2015 Northeast Global Education Center’s Series, an internationally acclaimed author and illustrator combines talents with Salem State faculty to develop global literacy in local schools. Funded by the Massachusetts Global Education Consortium at Framingham State.

My Two Blankets: An Immigration Story Told by Australian Author and Illustrator, Irena Kobald & Freya Blackwood
Presenter: Dr. Louise Swiniarski, Professor Emerita, School of Education
Location: Horace Mann Laboratory School, Room 312
Date and Time: February 27, 2015 at 8:30am

Grey Friar's Bobby: Scotland's Classic Tale of Loyalty
Presenter: Dr. Richard T. Anderson, Professor Emeritus, Geography Department
Location: Horace Mann Laboratory School, Room 312
Date and Time: March 13, 2015 at 8:30 am

What's Inside? Fascinating Structures around the World
Presenter: Giles Laroche, Author and Illustrator
Location: Saltonstall School, Auditorium, Grades Three and Four
Date and Time: April 17, 2015 at 9:00am

Dr. Louise B. Swiniarski, Co-Director of the Northeast Global Education Center   978.542.6534