Welcome to the world languages and cultures department!

Our department sets as priorities the development of communicative language skills and the integration of cultural knowledge as central to language learning at all levels. These key skills prepare students to function on a professional level in their chosen language, whether they enter into teaching, translation services, or a career in health or social services, business, law or politics, where knowledge of other languages and cultures is required or preferred.

If you are interested in other cultures and want to be able to communicate with others to enhance your job prospects, to enrich your personal life or to gain entry to graduate school, you should consider making the study of language an important part of your college experience. Whether you choose to major, double major, minor, or just take a few classes to gain basic proficiency, studying languages will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of  our globalized and multicultural 21st century society.

World languages and cultures offers the following undergraduate major and minor programs:

In addition, students may take language courses to develop or improve proficiency in:

All language programs are supported by free foreign language tutors and the state-of-the-art technology in our Language Resource Center. Students may earn credit towards completion of a language program through any of the academic year or summer study abroad options available at Salem State.