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Take a Graduate Course

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in graduate courses. Each semester we offer courses in more than 10 disciplines in on-campus, hybrid and online formats.

Registering for Graduate Courses

Learn how to register for graduate courses.

Graduate Admissions

 If you plan to enroll in a graduate program, you must first apply for admission. 

The graduate admissions page will provide you with general information. Then, you will need to select the graduate program to which you are applying, as admissions are conducted by each graduate program.

Taking Classes Prior to Admission

If you want to take graduate courses before you apply for admission, you may use the First-Time Self-Service for Non-Degree Students. This allows you to create a student account and register online for the first time. After this initial registration, you will be able to use Navigator to register, access grades, and update personal information.

Please note that utilizing this system does not constitute admission to a degree program. If you plan to become a degree-seeking, matriculated student, you must apply before your third course, as only nine credits taken before matriculation may be counted toward your degree.

Spring 19 AdTaxi Grad Open House

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