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Licensure Only, Early Childhood Education



This initial licensure program is designed for those seeking their teaching license in early childhood, preschool through second grade, but who do not need a graduate degree. 

Because this is a licensure program but not a degree program, participants are not eligible for financial aid.

This is a variable credit program. Students will meet with the program coordinator to review their prior coursework to determine how many courses will be required prior to being eligible for practicum (student teaching). Please know the course review is based on state licensure competency requirements. 


Course Schedule

This program is designed for students who are working full-time. All classes are offered in the evening, typically from 4:30 until 6:50, and meet once per week. 

Often classes are designed to run on a hybrid format- half face-to-face and half online. This allows us to offer two classes in the same class block. For example, you could take EDU725 and EDU737 both on Tuesday at 4:30. EDU725 would meet on week one and EDU737 would meet on week two throughout the semester. This allows students to earn six credits in one semester while only requiring one night, two and half hours, per week on campus.

Courses run fall semester- September through December, spring semester- January through May, and two semesters in the summer- May through June and July through August.  

Some summer courses are also offered in a one-week format. Class meets M-F from 8:30-4:30 and is done. 



For information about admissions requirements, visit the admissions page.

For information about program requirements, email the program coordinator

For questions about licensure or the School of Education, email the student services office.

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