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Master of Education in Library Media Studies

The Library Studies Program at Salem State University offers students the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Education while earning initial certification as a Library Teacher K–12 in Massachusetts. Our goal is to prepare our students to become innovative and creative school librarians through the introduction of best practices, new ideas in the field, and avenues for the pursuit of excellence. Resources for knowledge acquisition, literature K-12, information literacy, management of the school library, and library design are just a few of the topics covered in our courses.

Through fieldwork and practicum experiences students have hands-on experiences in the field. The online, asynchronous format of the program allows students the flexibility to take courses when they can without travel hardships. Instructors in the program are recognized throughout Massachusetts and the United States as leaders in the field of school librarianship.


Program Overview


Our targeted 36-credit curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and confidence needed to be School Library Teachers. The curriculum for the Library Studies Program includes 6 core courses in Library Science, 3 courses in educational theory and literature, 1 media course, and a semester-long supervised practicum and seminar for the Library Teacher.


We offer the opportunity to progress from your preliminary license through your professional license within one program. As soon as you pass your MTELs (state teacher tests), you can apply for your preliminary license and begin your career as a school librarian. Once you have completed your core classes and practicum experience, you will be endorsed for your initial license. Upon completing your MEd and finishing at least three years of teaching under your initial license you will be eligible for your professional license. This means that graduates of our program are able to complete all licensure requirements without needing to pursue additional coursework.

Course Schedule

The Library Media Studies Program is completely online. Required courses are offered on a rotating schedule. The Library Studies program can be completed either full-time or part-time as is best determined by the student and the timing of courses taken. After students are admitted to the program, a meeting with the Program Coordinator will help define the Plan of Study and completion date, setting the student on a path to success. Of course, all Plans of Study are flexible as life changes occur.


Fieldwork/practicum requirements:

There are 75 observation hours required through three courses, LBS 730, LBS 750, and LBS 815.

There are 300 required practicum hours through the Practicum course LBs 900 N and also required is a Practicum Seminar, LBS 900 PS, taken in conjunction with the practicum course.


The program for school library preparation is an NCATE-AASL Reviewed and Approved Library Media Studies Program which has a strong national reputation and many who hold professional Library Teacher licenses in Massachusetts have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully obtain licensure in other states. School library jobs remain unfilled due to the lack of certified and qualified candidates. The field of school librarianship always needs new and energetic candidates to help our school-aged children be successful in school and in life. Graduates in our program have a high employment rate and many have more than one job option.

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