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Early Education and Care

Early education and care prepares you to work with young children from birth to eight years old outside the public school system. Students can focus on becoming a lead preschool teacher or administrator, preparing to be an early intervention specialist, building the skills to open an at-home child care, or advancing in their current careers.


Early Education and Care Program Overview

Early Education and Care Pathways

The preschool lead teacher pathway is ideal for students interested in teaching young children in a range of private early childhood settings.

This pathway leads to careers as an infant/toddler teacher, private preschool teacher, or out-of-school programming coordinator.

The early intervention pathway is the right fit for the student who is interested in being an early interventionist who provides important services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays or who are at risk for them.

This pathway leads to careers as an early intervention specialist or service coordinator.

Students who already hold lead teacher certification and are interested in becoming the director of a preschool or childcare center will find this pathway to be the best choice.

Completing this pathway leads to a career as a preschool or childcare administrator.

Students who are currently working full or part-time in early education and care settings, who want to continue in their jobs while they complete their degree, but who are interested in earning a public school teaching license in the future should follow this pathway. This path will allow students to pick up EEC credentials on the way to licensure.

Immediately upon graduation, students will be eligible to continue their career in early education and care. However, they are in an excellent position to go directly into a graduate licensure program to earn the credentials needed to teach in the public schools.

For students with the goal of opening their own in-home or small childcare programs, the entrepreneurship pathway is the ideal choice. This program provides a blend of education and business classes to set a new business owner up for success.


Students who are happy in their early education and care career and who want to complete their bachelor's degree while continuing in their current career will find the flexibility of this pathway an excellent match.



Early Childhood Educators Scholarship

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