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Honors Program Eligibility

Prospective First-Years

The Honors Program is open to qualified students in every major. Highly motivated students with superior grade point averages are invited to apply.

The minimum suggested standards for eligibility to participate in the Honors Program are:

  • A scaled high school GPA of 3.7 or higher
  • We are an SAT-optional program, but test scores are required for some prestigious scholarships. If scores are submitted, a score of 530 in Math and 560 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (new SAT scores), or a Score of 500+ on all SAT subtests (old SAT scores), or a score of 24 on the ACT is required.

  • Student applicants must also submit an essay for review by the Honors Admission Committee 

Space in the program is limited so early application is recommended.

Current Students and Transfer Applicants

Currently enrolled students and transfer applicants should have an overall university GPA of 3.5 or higher and fewer than 48 college credits (inclusive of the semester of honors application). Transfer students who have completed honors courses at other colleges are encouraged to apply and may do so with college credit totals up to 60 credits (inclusive of the semester of honors application). Currently enrolled students and transfer applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they can meet the Honors Program requirements within their selected course of study.

The Program guarantees admission to all students who graduate from Commonwealth Honors Programs within Massachusetts community colleges and are accepted for transfer.

Not Qualified, But Feel You Belong?

If you don't meet the qualifications yet feel that you belong in the Honors Program, please explain your circumstances clearly in the statement accompanying your application. Attach with your application, two letters of recommendation from your high school teachers, principal, counselors, or college professors. These letters should be sent to the Commonwealth Honors Program, Salem State University, 352 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 01970.

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