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Honors Faculty


Honors Faculty

The professors who teach honors courses at Salem State University are among the most experienced and enthusiastic faculty on campus. They look forward to working with motivated students in class and on senior honors projects. This page is representative of our core honors faculty. Please feel free to contact them with any questions about the honors courses they teach.

Annette Chapman-Adisho - History, Faculty Fellow

Aviva Chomsky - History

William Cornwell - Philosophy

Michael A Deere - Philosophy

Joanna Gonsalves - Psychology

David Gow - Psychology

Michael Jaros  - English

Peter Kvetko - Music

John McArdle - Business

Daniel Mulcare - Political Science

Scott Nowka - English, Honors Program Chair

Kimberly Poitevin -  Interdisciplinary Studies

Nancy Shultz - English

Fatima Serra- World Languages and Cultures

Alan Young - Biology

Stephen Young – Geography

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