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Research is an essential component of the Occupational Therapy Curriculum at Salem State University and is incorporated into each of the ten courses throughout the program. Students will present a research paper or project at a student conference that will be held as part of their occupational therapy capstone course. The research component of the program will provide students with a general understanding of: 1) how the research process works, 2) the components of research, 3) how to implement a basic research design, and 4) comprehend the relevance of research in occupational therapy practice. The following occupational therapy student goals emerged from this strand in the curriculum.

  • Demonstrate and apply information literacy skills for occupational therapy practice using national international, and professional resources
  • Critique and apply quantitative and qualitative research. Integrate the research findings with professional practice
  • Incorporate and apply evidence-based assessment, treatment planning and intervention
  • Design, implement and/or present scholarly research project
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