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Civic Advancement

An important aspect of student learning throughout the curriculum will include assignments and activities relating to community involvement & servant leadership, the promotion of OT practice, forming community partnerships and acknowledgement of the civic duty and responsibility. Students will acknowledge the necessity for practitioners to develop cultural competence and its vital role in clinical preparation and education. The importance of utilizing local communities to service and promote occupational therapy as a unique and valuable discipline will be emphasized. Explain to community members in oral and written communication forms the benefits of providing occupational therapy services in current areas where no OT service is offered.

  • Describe traditional and emerging practice arenas that may utilize and/or benefit from occupational therapy services
  • Understand the complexities of cultural differences and the relationship of occupation to diversity and global societies
  • Represent and communicate the value of OT interventions to constituents and identify potential funding options for the establishment of new OT service delivery models in the community
  • Work with local and Salem State University communities to provide occupational therapy as a unique and valuable discipline
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