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Occupational Science

Occupational Science defines the profession as an academic discipline. It is concerned with the study of the human as an occupational being. A complete understanding of the philosophy of occupational science is a core requirement of the Occupational Therapy Program at Salem State University and is accentuated in all professional courses. Providing students with a solid theoretical foundation in occupational science will enhance their perception of occupation and its association and vitality to client health, health prevention and wellness. The following occupational therapy student goals have emerged from this strand in the curriculum.

  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the individual’s perceptions of quality of life and well-being through appropriate health promotion assessment.
  • Participate in social and community service experiences to appreciate the influence of social conditions and ethical contexts from and OT framework.
  • Utilize understanding of and appreciation for human occupation and develop culturally relevant, occupation-based, intervention plans.
  • Develop programming and treatment plans that facilitate engagement in occupation to promote health, well-being, and quality of life across the lifespan.
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