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Fieldwork experience provides occupational therapy students with interactive learning situations for:

  • Evaluating theories
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Refining documentation competence
  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships
  • Utilizing problem solving strategies
  • Creating additional insight into one's personal learning style

Integrating these learning experiences with occupational therapy course work prepares competent entry-level clinicians.

Fieldwork education also offers students challenging and unique opportunities to foster clinical reasoning skills in a variety of settings and with multiple client populations.

Course work throughout the curriculum incorporates four Level I (twenty-hour) observation experiences in physical and psychosocial dysfunction and in pediatric and geriatric practice areas.

Level I Internship

Undergraduate Course Work:

OCT 407N       OT Analysis & Intervention I (Psychosocial)
OCT 413          OT Analysis & Intervention II (Physical Dysfunction)

Graduate Course Work:

OCT 712          OT Analysis & Intervention III (Pediatric)
OCT 720          OT Analysis & Intervention IV (Geriatric)

Level II Internship

OCT 850          Level II Fieldwork & Seminar A (full-time or part-time option)
OCT 960          Level II Fieldwork & Seminar B (full-time or part-time option)
Level II internships are six credits each, with 480 hours completed for each experience


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