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Careers, Internships and Continuing Education


Internships and Employment

The department strongly encourages each student to have an internship. The internship provides employment related to his/her course of study and may be paid or unpaid. Many interns are offered full-time employment upon graduation from the place where they had their internship. The best time to take an internship is during the summer between the junior and senior year or during the senior year. Faculty members in the department maintain ties with businesses, organizations and government agencies that provide internships and paid employment.


Graduate or Professional School Degrees

Many graduates of the geography department will go on to graduate or professional school within four years of graduation.The most common graduate and professional programs that geography graduates go onto are:

  • geography
  • cartography/GIS
  • regional and environmental planning
  • business and law

For students who are interested in landscape architecture, the geography department offers an excellent major to prepare for admission to a graduate school of landscape architecture.


Geo-Information Science Careers

Geo-Information Science is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Graduates of our program are working in careers in industry, government and the non-profit sector, as well as pursuing doctoral studies.

Graduates of our program are serving in the following positions:

  • GIS analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Staff member on NASA’s BOREAS Project
  • Supervisor of Survey and Records for NSTAR
  • Staff member at Massport (operates Boston port and airport, etc.)
  • GIS analyst Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
  • GIS analyst Army Corps of Engineers
  • Research Assistant, University of California
  • Information Technologist, Complex Research Center, University of New Hampshire
  • GIS Manager, City of Cambridge
  • GIS Coordinator, Town of Natick
  • Geospatial analyst, FBI
  • GIS specialist, Massachusetts Water Resource Authority
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