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Program Requirements


Fall Curriculum and Course Descriptions


 SMS 706 Sport Development: Mass Participation and High Performance 3 credits 

This course examines how U.S. and international sport managers, coaches and policy makers connect physical education and recreation programs with competitive sport to offer everyone healthy paths to sport excellence. Discussed are ways to organize and finance partnerships between mass and elite sport as well as develop facilities, competitions, personnel and participants at all levels. 

SMS 708 Financial Aspects of Sport Industries 3 credits 

This course provides an overview of financial function as a key part of a business strategy formulation, planning and implementation used by the sport, fitness and leisure organizations. Particular attention is given to economic theory and perspectives related to the sport industries; economic impact of events and venues; income sources; budgeting principles; and fiscal control. 


Spring Curriculum and Course Descriptions

SMS 707 Facility and Event Management in Sport Industries 3 credits 

This course provides an understanding of the facility and event management principles and practices as integrated parts of the business development and management process used by the sport, fitness and leisure organizations. Areas of focus include facility design, funding, financial impact, trends, risk management, crowd management, and event planning, staffing, and organization.

SMS 709 Marketing and Public Relations in Sport Industries 3 credits 

This course examines a conceptual framework for strategic management of various aspects of marketing and public relations within sport industries. Explored will be the processes of researching, analyzing and segmenting markets as well as developing, positioning, pricing, placing, and promoting sport products and services, particularly through sponsorships integrated with other forms of communication. 

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