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The BSW program will prepare you to enter the field with a range of skills that will allow you to practice with a variety of populations and across various social problems. You will be challenged to excel in the profession by serving as catalyst for social change. Central to the mission of the program is to ground you in the values and ethics of the profession and in the fundamentals of social and economic justice, non-discrimination, and cultural sensitivity. The BSW program is committed to both academic rigor and to providing support for students who might otherwise struggle to complete a baccalaureate degree by building on their strengths. We welcome a diverse student body and foster an atmosphere of openness, collegiality and respect between students and faculty. Day and evening program options are available. Our program also offers the option of earning a minor in social work.


Additional Information on the BSW

Admission into the BSW Program

Students are typically admitted into the BSW evening program either as transfer student or as a change of major.

A first-time transfer student applies through the undergraduate admissions office by completing an online application and submitting all required documents. Learn more about admissions requirements.

Students who already attend the university may elect to change his/her majors. If you would like to change your major, please go to academic advising to obtain a change of major form to complete and bring to the BSW department chairperson. Contact academic advising at or 978.542.7049.


The university academic advising office has overall responsibility for advising DCE students and students are encouraged to make use of their services. Academic advising can be reached at 978.542.7049.

Social work majors often have specific advising needs around social work curriculum and careers; therefore, every SCPS student is strongly encouraged to meet with the BSW program coordinator at least once a year. Advising hours can be arranged in late afternoon or early evening to meet the needs of working students. Call tel:978.542.6629978.542.6629 for more information.

Course Schedules

The School of Social Work offers the entire BSW curriculum, except for certain senior-year courses, in the evening. Course offerings rotate on a regular basis to meets the needs of DCE students. Please visit our full catalog of course listings.

Students should recognize that as they approach senior year status and field education courses, they may need to accommodate their schedules outside of the university schedule in order to provide for more daytime availability for courses (SWK 410 and some field seminars) and field education itself.

Professional Readiness

Professional readiness is a formal process by which students complete an application to continue into the 300 level classes in the social work program. The purpose of continuation is to ensure that students who advance to the 300 and 400 level classes have the academic skills and professional behaviors necessary to be successful in these classes and in field.

You need an overall Salem State University GPA of 2.3 at the time of application, at least a 2.0 (C) in each of the five introductory social work classes and an overall average of a 2.7 (B-) in those five classes. More information regarding program continuation may be found in the BSW program handbook.

Field Readiness

After completing the bulk of their theoretical study, BSW students receive practical social work experience through the field work education component of the curriculum. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 425 hours of work in a professional setting under the supervision of a qualified social work practitioner. Field work education is required of all students graduating from the school including those transferring from other programs.

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