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A Salem State intern with Senator Elizabeth Warren

Many internships exist for students at the local, regional and national levels, offering students opportunities to engage in practical political or professional activities that supplement their educational experience. Internships provide students with relevant learning experiences in career environments off-campus, and may prove to be invaluable stepping stones along their chosen career paths. Participating in an internship is an option available to all political science majors. Students should contact professor Richard Levy for further information.

A binder with internship announcements is available in Meier Hall 333B. Announcements are also posted on the bulletin board in front of the office and circulated on the political science email list. Some of the locations where our students have had political science internships include:

  • The offices of US Senator Elizabeth Warren, both in Washington DC and in Boston

  •  The office of US Senator Edward Markey in Washington DC

  • The office of US Congressmen Seth Moulton
  • The offices of Governors Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick
  • The offices of Massachusetts of a wide number state senators (including Senator Joan Lovely – a Salem State political Science graduate) and state representatives
  • The office of the Mayor of Salem and other departments in the Salem City government
  • The office of former U.S. Congressman John Tierney (who has, as a graduate of our department, been very supportive of our students)
  • The office of former U.S. Senator John Kerry in Washington, DC
  • Medford Hall
  • Offices for Veterans’ Services
  • The Massachusetts Department of Education
  • The Massachusetts Water Resources Agency
  • Numerous local newspapers, courts, and law firms
  • Various local and national political campaigns
  • The Salem District Court
  • Salem State Human Dimensions of Wildlife Unit
  • Research work with professors (as Salem State and elsewhere) 
  • Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • The Peabody Essex Museum

Two specific internship opportunities available to political science students are especially noteworthy:

  • The Political Science Department’s Congressional Internship program awards a stipend each year to support student internships in the Washington, DC offices of members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. You can help support our interns by donating to our Congressional Internship Program Crowdfunding page.
  • The Washington Center (TWC) internship program in Washington, DC (see also the Salem State University Undergraduate Catalog).

Internship coordinator for the political science department

Professor Richard J. Levy
Office: Meier Hall, Room 333C (North Campus)
Phone: 978.542.6161
Fax: 978.542.6973

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