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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The political science strongly encourages its students to undertake research projects, either in concert with the department's faculty or in an independent capacity. The political science honors seminar (POL 110H), capstone seminar (POL 400), and directed study (POL 500) courses as well as other political science courses offer valuable opportunities for undertaking research projects. The directed study course, in particular, allows students to work in greater depth with a specific professor on a one-on-one basis on a topic of particular interest to the student. Students must contact the professor with whom they wish to undertake a directed study well in advance of the beginning of the semester during which they plan on undertaking that directed study. This is critically important because students must present to the department's faculty a formal proposal for their directed study at the very beginning of the semester.

Students may present their research projects at the annual Salem State University Undergraduate Research Symposium, usually held at the end of the academic year. Students may also apply for regional and national undergraduate research grants to support more ambitious research projects. Please contact Professor Jennifer Jackman for information about the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The Salem State University Honors Program

The political science department actively supports the mission and energetically participates in the activities of the Salem State University Honors Program, including through the offering of an honors course (POL 110H). Please contact Professor Daniel Mulcare for more information on the honors program.

Study Abroad Programs

Visiting a foreign country and immersing yourself in a foreign culture may be an invaluable part of your educational experience at Salem State University. In particular, students of political science may find that there is no better way to acquire a meaningful appreciation for foreign political, economic, and social systems than through participating in a Study Abroad program. Courses taken while abroad on a study abroad program may be transferred back to Salem State University for credit. For more information, students should contact the department chairperson or the Center for International Education (CIE).

The Political Science Academy

The Political Science Academy is the Salem State University student organization for political science majors and minors. Its purposes are to promote political awareness on campus and to aid the career plans of its members. Every major and minor is automatically a member unless s/he chooses not to be. Professor Dan Mulcare currently serves as the faculty advisor to the Political Science Academy. The Political Science Academy meets almost every Monday at 11 am in MH346.

Pre-Law Society

Many political students aspire to careers in the law. The Pre-Law Society provides an opportunity to learn about law schools and the law school application process, legal careers, different fields of law, and important issues before the state and federal courts. Professor Jennifer Jackman currently serves as the faculty advisor to the Pre-Law Society.

The Political Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The undergraduate curriculum committee of the political science department serves to keep the essential undergraduate education mission of the department current and relevant by regularly reviewing and amending the department's curriculum. The undergraduate curriculum committee mandate of the  includes the task of creating new courses and concentrations and improving existing courses and concentrations as appropriate. In addition to the entire faculty of the department, two political science students are elected to serve as voting members of the undergraduate curriculum committee at the beginning of the Fall semester each year. The department's curriculum is your curriculum. Please feel free to speak with your representatives or with any political science faculty member if you have questions, concerns, or ideas pertaining to the political science curriculum. Furthermore, please keep in mind that any student may attend a meeting of the undergraduate curriculum committee, though in a nonvoting capacity. Professor Daniel Mulcare currently serves as the chairperson of our undergraduate curriculum committee.

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