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The Thomas G. Lathrop Award

The Thomas G. Lathrop Awards for excellence in mathematics and computer science were established jointly by the mathematics and computer science departments at Salem State University in honor of Professor Thomas G. Lathrop of the mathematics department. Professor Lathrop, who died in November 1978, was active in teaching computer courses and in the establishment of the first computer science laboratory at Salem State. The award has been presented annually since 1980 to at least one mathematics major and one computer Science major.

The first Lathrop Award ceremony took place on Monday, May 5, 1980. The award recipients were Den J. Set, a mathematics major and computer science minor, and Philip Callahan, a bachelor of general studies graduate whose course of study combined concentrations in art and computer science.

Previous Award Winners

2016: Andrew Bugler, Anthony Calabresi and Auguste Compaore, computer science; Albert Florez and Katyana Sheridan, math

2015: Charles Taft, computer science; Jarrod Douglass and Joseph Mackay, math

2014: Zakarya Fadili, computer science; Armen Gevorgyan and Benjamin Taylor, math 

2013: Amanda Welch, computer science; Ceara Somerville and Richard Hennigan, math

2012: Najir Pandey, computer science; Kayla Bishop, math

2011: Mark Rauseo, computer science; Rebecca Jacobs and Brandon Tries, math

2010: Benjamin D. Michaud and Celestino R. Morales, computer science; Julie Klipfel, math

2009: Nicholas G. Chenery, computer science; Theresa Gilstrap and Caitlin Phifer, math

2008: Alessandro Agnello, computer science; Philip Crotts and Loren Miller, math

2007: Anthony Scotti, computer science; Jennifer Olson and Kevin Thomas, math

2006: Joseph Nganga, computer science; Daniel Kirkorian and Mistook Wood, math

2005: William M. Rieker, computer science; Jennifer Maher and George Pitman, math

2004: Christopher J. Newell and Jason A. Rowe, computer science; S.

John Seng and Sarah C. Newcomb, math

2003: Nicholas Giarratani, computer science; Jessica Miller and Victoria Richardson, math

2002: Joshua Dunn, computer science; Mark Funchion and Don Lac, math

2001: Benjamin LeBlanc, computer science

2000: David Pabisz, computer science; Laura Manning and Thierry Romain, math

1999: John Gagnon, computer science; Christopher Bonner, math

1998: Alexei N. Terentiev and Joseph S. Kosofsky, computer science; James B. Sitomer and Michael E. Gilmore, math

1997: Laura Kerwin, computer science; Maura Fitzgerald, math

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