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All students must have health insurance and must complete the health information forms.

Health Insurance
Under Massachusetts state law, comprehensive health insurance is required. You will need to purchase the Salem State University student health insurance. If you are an ESL student, you will need to enroll in the plan when you arrive at Salem State. You will need to renew the plan in August each year that you attend college here. Please confirm with University Health Plans (tel: 1.800.437.6448) that you have been enrolled in the insurance plan and that an insurance card is being sent out to your correct address

Immunization and Health Information Forms

  • Before you come to Salem: have these forms completed by your doctor.
  • Bring the completed (filled in) forms with you when you come to Salem State University.
  • You will not be able to register for classes until you meet the health immunization requirements.

More information about health services for international students is available on the Counseling and Health Services page.

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