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Full-Time Program Costs for International Students

Program Expense Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Session 1 Summer Session 2
Tuition and Fees (1) $3,250 $3,250 $1,625 $1,625
Progress Test $35  $35 $35 $35
Books $140 $140 $140* $140*
Estimated Living Expenses (2) $5,300 $5,300 $2,650 $2,650
Health Insurance (3)  $2,755
12 Month Coverage
(amount paid if starting in fall)
7 Month Coverage
(amount paid if starting in spring)
2 Month Coverage
(amount paid if starting in summer 1
No charges until fall semester

(1) U.S. citizens and permanent residents do not have to register for the minimum required 18 clock hours since they are not maintaining a student visa. However, we strongly encourage all students to register for 18 or more hours per semester to make adequate progress.

(2) Students are not required to live on campus, but must prove they have sufficient funds to cover living expenses to receive an I-20 or DS-2019 form issued by Salem State University.

(3) Massachusetts state law requires all Salem State students registered for 75 percent of a full course load (14+ clock hours) to enroll in or waive the university-sponsored insurance plan if already covered by a comparable plan. 

*Book expenses and progress tests for summer are based on one purchase per semester, either summer session 1 or summer session 2.

Orientation Expenses

Living Off Campus Rate: $250
Living On Campus Rate: $400
Placement Test: $25

These expenses occur once at the beginning of the program for all new F-1/J-1 students. All incoming (F-1, J-1, permanent residents, U.S. Citizens) will be charged for a placement test.

Individual Course Costs

Course Name and Course Hours/Week 

Spring or Fall Summer I Summer II

Integrated Skills: 7 Hours

$1,263.89 $631.95 $631.95

Test Preparation: 5 Hours

$902.78 $451.39 $451.39

Interest Exploration: 4 Hours

$722.22 $361.11 $361.11

Skill Boosters: 2 Hours

$361.11 $180.56 $180.56


All Intensive English Language Program courses are scheduled by clock hours (1 hour = 50 minutes). Students required to maintain full-time status must register for 18 or more clock hours each semester.

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