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Salem State University departments which collect cash and/or checks on behalf of the university:

In an effort to maintain compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cash management procedures as well as university internal financial control efforts, please follow the procedure described below.

If you have any questions or special circumstances that arise, please call Russell Bethoney ext. 6885. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

We want to make you aware that financial services has revised the receipt transmittal form which is currently online. Please discard all other/older versions in your possession and download the revised Receipt Transmittal Form [PDF].  

When completing the receipt transmittal Form, please follow the revised “Cash Handling Procedures for Salem State Departments [PDF]” when making deposits. As a reminder, some of these procedures from the attached are specific to the receipt transmittal form are enumerated below:

1)   Please fill in all the chartfield boxes including account, fund, department and
2)   Please fill in the description of the transaction that you received the money from and
      the date of event. If collection from people you must attach a list by name and
3)   Please have two signatures on the form that verify the deposit total. (preparer and
      supervisor/other staff)
4)   Please bring two copies of the receipt transmittal form with your deposit - as one will
      be signed by financial services and given back to you once the deposit is received
      and verified.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Deposits are NOT to be Dropped Off but remitted directly to the authorized general accounting staff. Since the deposit will need to be verified while the person making the deposit is present and signed off as having agreed with the total funds deposited. Please allow sufficient time to complete the process. Also, please distribute and print this email for those who do not have access to email.

All deposits should be brought to financial services between 9 and 11:30 am or your deposit will be posted on the next business day.

Data Warehouse Reporting Users:

We are pleased to support data warehouse reports that provide you with tools to monitor your budget and purchases. Financial information is available to you in an easy to use form, right from your Navigator account.

To help you with the reports, ITS offers data warehouse classes that include all reports and features as well as any new reports as they are released. If you haven’t taken a data warehouse class yet this is a great opportunity to get on board. Classes are scheduled through ITS Training. Please see the schedule at

There are also excellent online tutorials on data warehouse at

We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding these data warehouse reports. All such comments may be forwarded to Mark Dougherty at