Instructional Media Center

The Instructional Media Center (IMC) supports faculty, students, and staff who wish to use presentation technology to enrich learning in teaching and instructional settings.

Media Services and Media Engineering offer operation training, repair, and troubleshooting of classroom equipment, and signout of smaller portable equipment. Video Services offers a television studio, computer video editing, duplication of original programs, and video field recordings.

We also feature live, interactive videoconferences to distant sites, as well as a screening room for media presentations We work closely with college faculty, staff and outside vendors in the design, installation and upgrade of presentation technology.

Our staff is available for training and demonstrations on how to use smart boards, video conferencing, TV studio, video editing, camcorders and tech classrooms. We enjoy working with the Center for Teaching Innovation in support of faculty training and support needs.

We are eager to help you. Contact IMC for assistance and information.