Surplus Management

Mission Statement

The mission of Surplus Property Management is to provide surplus property services to the Salem State University community. Such services are defined as pick-up, distribution and delivery of clean, quality surplus goods. The mission is to provide these services in the most timely and efficient manner possible so as to assure that Salem State University's assets are being used to their fullest capabilities. 

Services Provided

  • Surplus Property Management is responsible for the collection, inter-campus distribution, and disposal of university owned equipment, supplies, and materials that are obsolete or surplus to the needs of Salem State University.
  • Materials Management has the responsibility for the disposal of surplus property. Items that are surplus to one department are advertised to all other departments who may claim them on a "first come first served" basis, at no charge. Items that are declared surpluses are made available to other departments, or are declared surplus to the State and made available to other State agencies, other non-profit agencies, or disposed of. Items that are of no value are recycled if possible, or else disposed of.
  • Surplus Property Management composes a monthly newsletter that details surplus items that are available at no charge to the Salem State¬†University community. If there is an item that your department needs or wishes to obtain, please call the Surplus Property Manager at ext. 6394 to process your request and arrange for delivery. If you have surplus items that you would like to recycle, you may arrange this through the Property Manager as well. For a copy of the Surplus Newsletter, call Surplus Property Management at ext.6394, or Purchasing and Materials Management at ext. 6152. A list of current available items will be posted on the Materials Management web page.
  • It is important to note that items that are re-distributed to departments are moved by the distribution staff or by Sterling Movers. Before moving an item to a department, it is strongly advised that a representative from the department personally inspect the item to be delivered to ensure that it is of satisfactory condition, is compatible with the space it is going to occupy (space measurements, electric outlets are accessible, etc.) and will meet the needs of the department.