Property Management


The mission of Property Management is to maintain the standard policy for control of long term assets from acquisition to disposition.


To support university education, research and administration by providing a centralized equipment inventory system which complies with federal, state and institutional requirements;
Facilitate the availability of equipment information to the university community; and administers the acquisition and disposition of state and federal Excess and Surplus Property Programs.  

These regulations stipulate that a system of accountability must be established for identifying, tracking and disposing of equipment. The system also fulfills the granting agency requirement for providing a mechanism for verifying non-availability of equipment and thus insures need. In addition, the system will make information concerning the location of equipment more readily available to the Salem State University community, facilitating optimal utilization of equipment through shared use, promote effective purchasing and reduce maintenance costs.

Location and Hours of Operation

Property Management is located at Central Campus at 71 Loring Ave. It is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.