Writing Across the Curriculum

About Our Program

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program helps faculty, departments, and programs identify effective ways to assign, use, and evaluate student writing.  The program has been established in the belief that (a) writing can be a valuable tool to help students become better learners and that (b) in addition to writing clearly and thoughtfully, our students must also become fluent in the specific discourse conventions of their major disciplines.  To help accomplish this, our program offers individual and departmental consulting, faculty workshops and seminars, nationally recognized speakers, and a library/resource center. 

Some of the topics addressed in our workshops are:

  • How to help students become better writers
  • How to integrate writing more fully into the curriculum
  • How to help students become literate in their majors
  • How to design effective assignments
  • How to respond to student writing
  • How to establish clear evaluation criteria
  • How to evaluate student writing
  • How to use journals and ungraded writing as teaching and learning tools
  • How to address grammar issues
  • How to use collaborative learning in the classroom
  • How to help students become more active learners and thinkers