Bowditch Hall

Bowditch Hall

Special Programs

Bowditch Hall is substance free and offers community lounges on each floor, and a large community space on the ground floor including a laundry area, mailboxes, a pool table, vending, a kitchenette as well as an additional television and lounge area.

Bowditch Hall is staffed by a full-time resident director with a master's degree, an assistant resident director, nine resident assistants, and three academic mentors. A 24-hour security/information desk is located at the entrance to the hall.

Themed Housing Community 

The Creative and Performing Arts themed housing community caters to students who have an interest in expressing themselves through art, music, dance or other expressive forms. Students living in this community have the ability to think collaboratively about ways in which they can incorporate their passion into their life as a Salem State University student, both in the classroom and in other areas. These students work directly with a Resident assistant that is selected for this community specifically, as well as a Faculty in Residence who combines academics with the arts in fascinating new ways.  

Room Samples
Bowditch Hall Apartment

Building Address
When addressing mail to this building, please use the following layout:
Student Name
Hall/Student Box #
1 Loring Avenue
Salem State University
Salem, Ma. 01970

Contact Information:
Front desk: 978.542.6426
Resident director: Cindy Miller 978.542.6427
Assistant resident director: Emily Buchan 978.542.7216