Center for Diversity and Cultural Enrichment



The Center for Diversity and Cultural Enrichment at Salem State University mission is to: cultivate a campus-wide community that acknowledges, celebrates and promotes the diversity of its members. One of the university's goals is to empower its students with the resources, skills and opportunities necessary for academic achievement, leadership development and purposeful civic engagement while providing them with a safe and welcoming environment.

The center acts as a catalyst for exploring critical issues on campus by initiating discussions about race, class, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and the historical and current realities that impact understanding of these topics.

The center strives to enhance opportunities for educational growth, retention and successful matriculation of students from diverse backgrounds and further appreciation for diversity for the campus community. Through cross-cultural dialogues and examining the issues relevant to diversity and social justice, the university hopes to nurture a generation of informed citizens who find unity within our differences.

Please visit the Center for Diversity and Cultural Enrichment office, located in the Ellison Campus Center, room 204.