The Alliance

Alliance Eboard

The Alliance is a student run gender and sexuality alliance (GSA) that offers opportunities to have LGBTQIAS students and allies meet to support, and plan events for the LGBTQIAS community and allies. Dedicated to the acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQIAS community, we serve as a resource to the greater Salem State community, offering ourselves and our knowledge in an attempt to enlighten others. Check out what we are up to on the Alliance Facebook page.

We focus our attention primarily on the student population at Salem State but do no limit ourselves to students alone. We have branched out and are also a social collective providing education and political activism in Massachusetts.

Our office is located in the Ellison Campus Center on the second floor, room 206.


The Alliance would like to extend a welcome to Salem State and open you to the opportunity to talk with upperclassmen that are involved with The Alliance for some familiar faces come the fall! Please feel free to email us with an concerns or just a nice introduction and hello!

2014-2015 Executive Board

President - Koda Mehalba

Vice-President - Jenn Dowling

Treasurer - Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Secretary - Brie Christian

Public Relations - Danielle Westcott

For more information, feel free to contact the advisor to the Alliance:
Lu Ferrell (978.542.8404)

Learn more about the role of the GLBT Liaison.