Multicultural Student Association


The Multicultural Student Association provides Salem State students with an avenue whereby they can get together as a group to explore their heritage. The Association is made up of three organizations African-American Affairs, West Indian Affairs and Cape Verdean Affairs. The association hosts many educational and social events. A contact number for the MSA is Ext. 6461.

2012-2013 Executive Board

President - Nahomie St. Louis

Vice-President - Duna Dumel

Secretary - Ateana Swaby

Treasurer - Andrew Beckford-Rosario

Asst. Treasurer - Sharnie Rocheflamme

Coordinator - Aisha Virgo

Haitian Affairs - Sherly Blanc

Public Relations - Kalisha Buchanan

African American Affairs - Brittany Edwards

Community Outreach - Lucy Kamau

Current Affairs - Naomie Pacouloute

Caribbean Affairs - Chantae Turner

Wintana Wolday


Advisor - Ashleyne Alexis