Italian Club


Welcome to the Italian Club at Salem State University! Interested in Italian? Then take a ride on a gondola and experience what this club has to offer! 

  • Who is this club available to?
    Anyone and everyone!
  • What is the purpose of this club?
    To promote further knowledge, comprehension and fluency of the Italian language.
  • Activities?
    Movie nights, music, excursions, where students will learn of history, current events, and dining at restaurants, to experience a taste of Italy.

Proficiency in Italian is not necessary. This group meets Mondays during community time (11 am).

Please show your support and become a member today!

2014-2015 Executive Board

President - Caitlin O'Toole
Vice-President - Mariana Georges
Treasurer - Marta Marucci
Secretary - Ryan Walsh

Advisor - Anna Rocca,, SB305C, ext. 7106