Start a New Group or Revive a Dormant Group

Following is a list of steps to help you start a group or club that does not exist or to revive an inactive group, or club.

  1. First ask friends, other classmates, etc. to see if there is other interest in your club. (Five or more full time students are necessary to start a group or club.) 
  2. If you are starting a new club, you must develop a statement of purpose for your club. If the club you're interested in has been in existence, you can check with the Campus Center Office to see if a statement or information about the club is on file. 
  3. The third step is to develop a constitution for your club. The Campus Center Office has a workbook that will guide you through this process. The Chairperson of the Rules Committee of the SGA can also aid you to make sure your constitution does not conflict with the SGA constitution, which takes precedence in case of conflict. 
  4. When your constitution is complete and approved by the Chairperson of the Rules Committee, s/he will sign it and you must return it to the Campus Center Office. 
  5. Set up a meeting of all the people interested in your club. At this meeting, discuss the selection of an advisor for the group (a full time faculty, administration, or staff member). An Advisor is necessary to be eligible for official recognition. Then selection of officers is necessary. Again, the Chair of Rules can assist you with the election process. Officers of the club must be full time students in good academic standing. 
  6. After the Advisor has been selected and officers are elected, fill out a recognition packet and turn it in to the Campus Center Office. 
  7. After the recognition packet is completed and turned in, the Campus Center Office will review the material and make a recommendation to the Dean of Student Life for an academic semester of Probation Recognition. 
  8. After your semester on probation recognition, your club's status will be reviewed and the Campus Center Office will recommend either your group remain on probationary status or gain full recognition. The Dean of Student Life will make a final decision on the status of your club.

NOTE - If full recognition is granted by Student Life, your club is eligible for Student Government Full Recognition and hence can apply for funding (a base budget).

In Closing: Good luck with the process and if assistance is needed, the Campus Center Programs and Services Office is available to aid you. Appointments can be made by calling ext. 6438.