University Committees

Only university committees that undergraduate day students may serve on are listed.  If you are interested in serving on a committee contact the Student Government office at and include your name, student ID number, and committee you wish to serve on.


All College
Students: 3
1. Be the primary agent for coordination and implementation of all contract committees except for Graduate Education Council
2. Makes recommendations to the president

Academic Policies
Students: 3
1. To make reports and recommendations on the academic calendar, academic standards, university admissions standards, selective retention, educational services for the local community
2. Provide a comprehensive audit and update of all academic policies

Students: 3
1. Make reports and recommendations on the coordination and improvement of the university’s academic programs; on deletions from, additions to, or changes in the university inventory of courses; on major and general educational requirements and proposed changes; on new major programs of study
2. Reviews curriculum changes as they progress through academic planning process

Library/Media Development
Students: 3
1. Advises and assists the library and instructional media center in ascertaining present and future needs
2. Advises ongoing and future programs
3. Makes reports and recommendations related to library and instructional media center as academic support area

Student Life
Students: 9
1. Make reports and recommendations with respect to the needs of the student population to be served, student activities, and student participation in the cultural and social activities of the university
2. Review of student life programs with attention to shift to residential and psychological/mental health needs of students


ADA/Section 504 Task Force
Students: 3
1. To coordinate the self-evaluation required by Section 504
2. To assess the needs of the disabled population on campus; to make recommendations to the appropriate committees and offices

University Safety Committee
Students: 2
1. To educate all members of the community about concerns and issues relating to campus safety and security
2. To be responsible for encouraging an open discourse and conversation regarding the development of policies and procedures which would ensure the safety of all community members and guests while at the institution
3. To review those policies established and enforced by the office of public safety to provide a safe and secure campus environment

President's Advisory Committee on Diversity, Affirmative Action, Equity and Social Justice
Students: 7
1. Address concerns and issues related to diversity and multiculturalism
2. Makes recommendations to president regarding student life, the curriculum and general activities
3. To evaluate institutional compliance with all affirmative action/equal opportunity programs
4. To keep informed as to federal and state laws and regulations as well as institutional and system-wide policy impacting affirmative action
5. To make recommendations to the president of the university as well as to respective campus and system-wide governance committees concerning resolution with respect to the effective implementation of the university’s affirmative action plan

Academic Computing
Students: 3
1. To develop an academic computing vision for Salem State University and ascertain the university’s strategic, global, and long-term academic computing needs
2. To serve as an information conduit between the academic vice president and the faculty/librarians in matters concerning academic computing policy
3. To evaluate proposed and existing programs / initiatives and make recommendations for improvements

Budget Committee
Students: 3
1. Assist in connecting goals, objectives, action steps and priorities of the university’s strategic plan to a multi-year budget outlook and process
2. Serve as a communication conduit between the administration and university community to enhance broad understanding of the university’s operating budget and related issues and to bring issues identified within the community to the attention of the administration
3. Be a focus group/sounding board for budget messages and other information before issuance to the campus or larger community
4. Analyze specific budget-related issues and develop recommendations to the president
5. Assist in identifying opportunities for revenue enhancement or operational efficiencies that will result in the more productive use of available resources

Campus Celebrations
Students: 3
1. Plan and implement periodic events for the campus to celebrate achievements

Civic Engagement Committee
Students: 2
1. Look at the broad range of definitions and programs called “Civic Engagement” at colleges and universities
2. Explore what the range of civic engagement activities have been at Salem State
3. Initiate a campus-wide discussion about the potential scope of civic engagement and how it might be defined at Salem State
4. Conduct external conversations with our broader regional community to understand how Salem State should be civically engaged

University Bookstore Council
Students: 3
1. Prepare application and screens requests for funds after conducting formal hearings on student-oriented projects
2. Administer the Bookstore Surplus Trust Fund
3. Develop process for review of proposals to incorporate assessment of duplication, need, physical plant needs, etc.

Commencement Speakers/ Honorary Degrees Committee
Students: 2
1. Ask for and screen suggestions for commencement speaker nominations to the president
2. Select student speaker for all commencements
3. Recommend honorary degree recipients to the president

Core Curriculum Advisory
Students: 2
1. Review the current core curriculum and make recommendations regarding appropriate changes
2. Submit findings to the All College Committee who will subsequently submit report to appropriate governance committee

Enrollment Management Orientation, Registration and Retention
Students: 3
1. Make recommendations concerning enrollment and retention of students

Marketing Advisory
Students: 2
1. To review and recommend changes to policies relative to the university's marketing initiatives as they impact recruitment
2. To review and recommend changes to policies relative to the university’s marketing initiatives as they impact university image and visibility

Scholarship Committee
Students: 5
1. To develop policies and processes for awarding scholarships, review scholarship applications and make recommendations for awards

Senior Awards/Who’s Who
Students: 8
1. Make recommendations concerning Senior Awards and Who’s Who

Space Committee
Students: 2
1. To review current uses of campus space including need for space and the flow of functions across the campus
2. To seek input from the campus community of space needs
3. To offer suggestions for future space allocations in all areas of our work including instructional, extracurricular and administrative needs

Strategic Planning Council
Students: 3
1. To make recommendations regarding the university’s strategic goals and objectives
2. To help the campus community understand and own the strategic plan’s mission, vision, values and goals
3. Provide feedback to president on progress being made toward the implementation of the strategic plan

Student Academic Support Services (SASS) Advisory Committee
Students: 1
1. To advise Student Academic Support Services (SASS) on the creation, implementation, and evaluation of academic support services
2. To advise SASS on effective ways of collaborating with other academic support programs/offices
3. To help SASS work more effectively and efficiently with the faculty

Web Steering Committee
Students: 1
1. Provide overall direction and guidance for the development and maintenance of the website
2. Acts in an advisory role to marketing and communications and information technology services staff
3. Ensures the brand and structure that was conceived during the development of the site is being maintained and resolves policy level web issues


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