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The membership of the Student Government Association, Inc., (SGA) includes all full-time undergraduate day students. SGA is the elected representative group of the Salem State student body and the sole voice of the students to administration, faculty and legislators.

The students of Salem State, through the representatives they elect, form a workable student government, promote student justice by ensuring the rights and liberties of all students, and demonstrate professional ethics within a democratic system. SGA also provides services to students such as funding all student organizations with money collected from the student activity fee.

The SGA executive board consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and assistant treasurer. The senators make up the majority of the body. There is one senator elected for every 200 students of each class. Elections are held once a year and all students should participate by voting or running for office.

The association also has standing committees that address various issues. These committees are: rules, student life, government relations, public relations, and civic engagement and sustainability. SGA is always looking for new members to join any of the standing committees, while seats on the senate and executive board are limited. The association is committed to serving the students and helping to solve the concerns students bring to the attention of SGA.

To get involved, you can reach the SGA via email or by telephone at 978.542.6079. 

2015-2016 Executive Board:

President- Lucibele Delgado

Vice President- Elizabeth Cabral 

Treasurer- Logan Dunnigan 

Secretary- Marlene Checo 

Assistant Treasurer- Patrick Garland 

Advisor- Rebecca Jimenze- 978-542-6079, 

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Registration deadlines: Friday, August 17 to vote in the Primary Election in Massachusetts and by Wednesday, October 17 to vote in the General Election in Massachusetts.

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