Academic Affiliated Groups

Accounting Association

Encourages professional interest among students preparing for careers in Accounting.

American Advertising Federation

Encourages students to protect and promote the well-being of advertising.

American Marketing Association

Exposes students to the practical and ethical practices of marketing in the business world.

Biological Society

Provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of Biology.

Chemistry Society

Provides an opportunity to further investigate the field of chemistry, including all applications of science.

Criminal Justice Academy

Enhances student’s awareness in the field of Criminal Justice through group activities, guest speakers and field trips.

Earth Science Association

Promotes and conducts educational activities about geological sciences and the Earth.

Economics Club

Encourages the understanding of economics in theoretical and practical applications.

Finance Association

Provides learning experiences, career awareness and networking opportunities for students.

Historical Association

Engages students in historical study and discussion.

Italian Club

Promote further knowledge of Italian through films, excursions, presentations, and discussions.  The club also provides students and faculty opportunities to communicate in Italian.


Conducts projects involving research. educational outreach and advocacy on issues of public concern in Massachusetts.

Philosophy Club

Encourages philosophical engagement, critical thinking, and critical awareness. Holds events that promote philosophical discussions.

Political Science Academy

Promotes political thought and discussion through speakers, trips and model U.N. competitions.

Public Relations Student Society of America

Provides scholarships, internships, leadership workshops, networking, travel opportunities, and job placement assistance.

Salem Geographical Society

Expands and pursues the academic field of Geography.

S.T.A.R.T. (Student Action Resource Team)

Enhances an awareness of the field of social services among students.

Sport & Movement Science Club

Creates a sense of community, academic and social enrichment within the SFL department.

Student Nurses Association

Serves as the governing and representative organization for Nursing majors.